Telemarketing Pilot: Trial Outsourced Telemarketing

A telemarketing pilot enables you to trial telemarketing and find out how well it will work for your company, and the quality and quantity of the results that you can expect to receive.


A pilot typically lasts for between five and ten days. At the end of the pilot your Account Manager will meet with you to discuss the results.


1. The Set Up Day.

A Telemarketing Matters Account Manager will meet with you to discuss your project. During this meeting you will discuss who your target audience are, and the level of meetings or leads you need to make the project a success. In addition to this the criteria that these meetings or leads must meet to be worthwhile will be agreed.


Other things to think about prior to this meeting are:

What would be the profile of my perfect customer?

Who typically makes decision regarding the purchase of my products?

How long is the sales cycle of my product?

How many meetings/leads can I cope with?

How would I like my diary managed for the pilot?


Following this your account manager will prepare and submit to you a call structure that will take all of this into account. This is not a script, but gives you an idea of how you will be represented on the telephone.


2. The Calling Phase

Your account manager will now begin the calling phase of the pilot, which can take place in either our offices or in yours. You will receive detailed reports at lunchtime and at the end of the day which will detail the number of calls made, number of prospects we have had meaningful conversations with and the number of leads and meetings arranged, in addition you will receive a meeting report that will detail the date, time and place of any meetings arranged and who you will be meeting with. This report will also contain any interesting information of feedback we have received. Your Account Manager will then call you to discuss the results. We will repeat this process on each of your calling days.


3. After The Pilot

Your Account Manager will now meet with you to discuss the results of the pilot. You will now have an idea of how telemarketing could work for your company, and also how many days per month you will need our services, for example, if you can only attend six meetings a month and we have organized an average of 3 per day, you will only need us for two days per month. Your Account Manager will now agree targets and timescales for ongoing work, and will remain in constant contact with you to ensure that you receive the level of service that you have come to expect


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