Market Research & Intelligence

In today's competitive environment, being in the dark is not a good place to be.

Our market research service fills knowledge gaps on industry players, keeping you one step ahead of the game. Whether you’re pondering your pricing, products or positioning, we’ll give you the inside track on the threats and opportunities to act on. Fast.


We’ll provide company profiles, benchmark services, attend trade shows and track new developments. Covering multiple countries and sectors, we’ll employ a range of techniques to get the information you need.

Our specialists work closely with your team to ensure that all of your products deliver the return on investment that you require.


The services we offer are listed below. Telephone research is offered internationally and all of the other services are available in the UK.


We can undertake the whole project from initial meeting, to questionnaire design, printing, fieldwork, data entry, cross tabulations, data analysis and final report writing. Otherwise, we are pleased to be flexible and can undertake fieldwork only or fieldwork and the data entry only.


  • Telephone Surveys (International)

  • Business to Business Telephone Research

  • Street Surveys / Face to Face Surveys / Exit Surveys

  • Targeted Focus Groups

  • Postal surveys

  • Online Surveys / Email Surveys / Website Surveys

  • Mystery shopping


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