B2B Appointment Setting

Our team are all experienced sales professionals and work unscripted to gather market intelligence, identify opportunities , qualify prospects and effectively handle objections which means that your sales team can concentrate on what you pay them for -attending qualified appointments and closing sales


Our proven methodologies for appointment setting campaign development, implementation and execution are unparalleled in the B2B appointment setting and lead generation world. We understand the needs of businesses in numerous industries and how to structure customized appointment setting calling campaigns that work!.


There is a big difference between B2B Appointment Setting and Professional B2B Appointment Setting, and the difference is not just measured in quality, quantity and consistency; the difference is also measured in how an appointment setting firm thinks and operates. At Telemarketing Matters, professionalism is personified by always putting the client’s needs first and thinking ”big picture. Our goal is not to generate the most appointments, but instead to generate the most qualified appointments. We understand that as a client you won’t measure the success of your appointment setting campaign by the number of appointments that were set, but instead by the number of legitimate business opportunities that were generated.


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